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Emmanouela Chiotaki

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Εμμανουέλα Χιωτάκη





She was born in Chania Greece on the island of Crete. At the age of ten she started lessons in classical guitar. At the age of 18 she had the professional degree with honors in classical guitar from the Hellenic Music School in Athens Greece. Since then she works as a teacher of music and professional artist. 

    While she was taking guitar classes, Emmanuela also studied music theory. Dictee, Solfez, participated in choir, music history, music morphology, trained as a guitar teacher, music duet, vocals lessons and also participate to three international guitar contests. 

-2001- second place (festival of Patra)

-2004- first place (festival of Siros)

-2006- first place (International contest of Music schools)

Twice Emmanuela participated in the guitar orchestra of E.Boudounis, playing in the Athens Concert Hall and the historical Odeon of Herodes Atticus, once at the age of 15 and again twelve years later in 2016.

Emmanuela received two scholarships from Venizelio School of Music.  I addition she attended several seminars with a collection of Greece’s most talented classical guitarists to include E.Boudounis E.Asimakopoulos and also David Grimes from California and Harvey Hope from England. 

In 2007 Emmanuela began her studies as a Civil Engineer at Democritus University of Thrace. Between and after studies she continued growing her musical talents by preforming at local venues. In 2009 she began touring Greece, preforming at several concerts and festivals all over the country. 

In 2010 she furthered her journey in to the preforming arts touring Greece with “The Magic Flute Theater Company”. There she preformed as a singer, musician and actress.

After finishing university she began a formal education in Music Therapy, receiving a scholarship from the Opera Music School in Athens Greece. 

Through the years she has performed with a number of Greece’s most talented artists and bands, to include Giannis Nikolaou, Vasilis Kazoulis, Giannis Savvidakis, and the Band Opera Chaotique.

2015 her and a cretan singer Michalis Kounalis they recorded ''Ts'agapis kai tou Erota'' a song based on the history of Erotokritos and Aretousa, a famous Cretan love story. Currently the song has listed more then 1,000,000 views on social media. 

2016 Emmauela composed, played, publishing the song 'An isoun Anoixi'.

2016-2017 she toured Greece with Manoli's Lidaki (artist and composer) as a lead singer and guitarist. She finished the 2017 year playing with the well-known Cretan band Oktava

Though Guitar is her passion, She is also exceptionally talented with a number of traditional Cretan instruments such as the mandolino, thiampoli, mpaglamadaki, pentir, Cretan flute and ntaouli.

She is also writing her own instrumental music. She is doing the production editing and the performing of most of the instruments.

 2018 she is becoming a member of iCen Company (innovative & Creative renovation) which is responsible of constructios , re-build homes and also decorating. This company created by people who were studying together.