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Andreas Garifalis

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Born in the UK in 1976. Started mixing at the age of 14 and a year later he got his
first residency. His love for music & djing has followed him ever since and has given
him the opportunity to entertain thousands of clubbers throughout his career. He is
known for his unique technique and his ability to mix in any possible way, turning his
dj set into a show that you love to listen to and watch.

Highlights in his career were his residency at Privilege club, Chania(2500 capacity),
his guest appearance in Hanover Grand, London the organization of the biggest beach party in the island from Chania Beach Party from 2011 till today( check and his guest appearance in Holland. This year he is working on several projects. The first Color Festival in Crete, Chania Beach Party 2016, The First Urban Festival and the #WE PROJECT at Stafidiki among others. You will find him spinning all around the island of Crete and all around Cyprus. 

Andreas Garifalis (Andreasondecks) has a degree in Business Administration & a Masters degree at Marketing from the University of North London.

Since 2002 he is…

Owner of Real Advertising
Owner of Chillout News, Free press
Event organizer for Real Promotions

Resident dj at:

Street Club, Chania
Game Club, Chania
Daz, Club, Chania
Energy Club, Chania
Oceanos, beach bar, Chania
Premier Club, Chania
Privilege Club, Chania
Mylos Club, Chania
Tappit bar, London
Senso club, Chania
Big Apple beach bar, Chania
Villa Mercedes club, Chania

Guest appearances at:

Hanover Grand, London
Café de Paris, London
Home bar, London
Greco bar, Chania
Cozmos bar, Chania
Neromylos bar, Chania
Ammos & Ilios, Chania
Camelot club, Chania